Irony and its Uses

18 Aug

When it comes to communication, there are different styles one can apply to either written or spoken words. These styles and techniques help to convey the message better and, make it more fun or somber depending on the intended mood, and helps to contextualize the message as a person intended. You also get to choose which technique to apply depending on your target audience, and the circumstances under which you shall be conveying the message. Irony is one such technique.
Irony has been defined as the use of words that mean the opposite of what your thoughts bear, to come across as funny. It also refers to a situation that is strange or
funny as things unfold in a manner contrary to what was expected.

When it comes to the use of irony, you need to understand that you cannot insert it anywhere in your writing or speech. You need to plan well on how it shall blend into your material. It also requires some practice before you get it right.

Irony is also subtle. For your audience to get it, they need to have been paying keen attention to your flow the whole time, lest they completely miss it. You, therefore, need to arrange your material in a manner that they shall catch on when you introduce it. If it is in a speech, for example, you must lead your audience up to the expected outcome, then give a different ending, through which they shall see the irony. Go here to find out more.

When using irony, you need to also take some time to understand your target audience. The example and the way you shall use it needs to resonate with them. The style you use to approach them determines how well they shall understand you and your material, not just the irony.

Irony shall help you deliver your message better. It also introduces a pause from the serious stuff in your speech or writing. When executed well, it comes across as funny too. It thus helps make light of a severe situation, and a bit bearable while at it. You also get to connect with the audience much better, since you have something of an inside joke going on.  

When you are left with nothing but words to convey your message, the tools and techniques you apply can create a picture more vivid than any images or other media could ever muster. Irony is one such tool that can stir up strong emotions in your audience, and drive your point home appropriately. You only need to understand your audience and find the best places to place your examples, to make your material powerful and exciting.

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