The Best Meaning Of Irony

18 Aug

Most people, even the smart ones, do not understand the true meaning of irony. This makes them end up misusing the word during conversations and writing. This is because this word, irony is a confusing word that has several meanings. This article can help a person understand what irony is.

Irony is a word that can be used to mean different things. The first use of irony word is to show that the results that came out are completely opposite of the expectation. These results may be of an event or any other results that mark incongruity. Find out more.

Also, irony is used to show the pretense of a person that aims at fooling others that this person is not ignorant. This is whereby the ignorant person goes on to question in an adroit way about others conceptions.

Irony can also be used in explaining the use of words in the wrong way. This is whereby someone uses the word where they are not supposed to be used.  This word irony is a word that can be sardonic or in other words, expressing humor.

There also exists several types of irony. These irony types include classical, romantic, verbal, cosmic, situational and even tragic irony. But this article will discuss situational irony, dramatic irony, and verbal irony.

Dramatic irony is the irony that is used in drama. This s whereby the audience of the drama know something that one or most of the characters in that drama do not know. This is just a style that is used in drama and acting. Dramatic irony is known to have stages that is the installation stage, the exploitation stage and lastly the resolution stage. This helps in making a drama interesting. Click here now!

Also, there is this kind of irony that is called the situational irony.  This occurs in real life here by the expected results do not occur. But instead, there occurs something completely opposite of what most people expected. This creates a shock of a certain level in people's minds. A good example of situational irony is an ambulance coming to save an accident victim. But instead of saving his or her life, it accidentally runs on this victim hurting the victim even more.  

Verbal irony is irony expressed in words. Most speakers find themselves in the irony here by they say words that express something that is completely opposite of what they intended to express. This, as a result, creates contradictions and this is what is referred to as verbal irony.

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